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To continue being a nice network, we would like everyone to follow the following rules and guidelines. We believe that our rules are simple and clear. In case of any rulebreaking we will enforce them depending on the severity of the rulebreaking. These rules will be enforced in-game as well as on the Discord.

R1: Respect eachother on the server and the discord, no matter the rank.
R2: A zero tolerance to any griefing or stealing from chests or any other inventory will be enforced. This rule applies to any claim or unclaimed area.
R3: Spamming and advertising is strictly prohibited.
R4: Any modifications that give an advantage over someone else or hacking are strictly prohibited.
R5: Joking is fine, but prevent from it to be become trolling.
R6: Any form of racism is strictly prohibited.
R7: Any abuse of any of the server features, without reporting it via a private ticket, will result in a temporarily ban of 7 days. Please do not report it to an admin in private as another team member might ban you.
R8: Any recharge of donation will result in a permanent ban from our servers.
R9: Any use or attempt to use a chunkloader is not allowed. Any contraptions used to do this will be destroyed in the process.

Any rulebreaking can be reported with full size screenshots or recordings to the @Admin team on discord. Please also include the date and time of the screenshots or recording via the ingame information. (Press F2 twice to get a second screenshot with a date.) An admin will follow up the report as soon as possible.

Have fun playing!
EscapezCraft team